Giving back

One day, while visiting our buiding site after working hours we discovered the workers’ clothes and “safety” shoes as seen in the picture to your left.

Since then, we realised we could make a difference and give back to the community that is in dire need of these simple day to day necessities. We returned to France and managed to find local distributors of second hand shoes, clothes, linen and toys that could be of great use for these impoverished communities.

We returned on our next trip to South Africa to the building site with some better quality boots, shoes, clothes for the builders and there is no better feeling than to give a helping hand in helping those less fortunate and seeing the gratitude and glee on their faces. We now provide equipment on building sites around Marloth Park and support the Komati Care Center in Komatipoort as well as the Uthandiwe Orphanage in Malelane. We also provide goods to some local communities.

Community Support :

Lending a helping hand to the less fortunate

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We would like to invite anyone to join in and help these communities and organisations on your next trip to South Africa – this beautiful country and it’s beautiful people welcome you and your kind donations. If you want to be part of our project, please contact us and we’ll find a good way to use your generosity.


The Wild & Free Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre was established to help foster and rehabilitate injured, sick or misplaced indigenous Southern African wildlife. One of the centre’s primary motives is to educate the youth on the importance of living in harmony with nature, caring for the precious fauna and flora, and enjoying South Africa’s exceptional beauty and biodiversity. Volunteers are the heartbeat of Wild and Free and are invaluable assets when it comes to running the Centre. All volunteers will receive further training in Wildlife rehabilitation.

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